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Fall Pumpkin Festival | Families

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Fall Pumpkin Festival

Ticonderoga Farms is a hidden treasure right next to South Riding in Chantilly. It's on over 1000 acres and is family owned for over 5 generations. This is a great secret to those who normally love Cox's Farm right down the road. You won't find the dreaded lines like those at Cox's. And although there aren't as many slides as Cox's, you will find some other amenities that aren't offered elsewhere.

The best amenity they offer is you can pick your own pumpkin and gourds from the vines. You ride on a hayride (you won't have to wait 20-30 minutes in line) through the farm and are dropped off in the field to go find your desired pumpkin. Kids get the true feel of where they come from, instead of just picking it out of a bin. They also have my favorite, the Smore's pit. You can roast your own Smores. I'd recommend bringing your own bag of Marshmellow's and Chocolate. They used to give them out for free, but now they charge a bit for them.

They have added some new exhibits this year which include the Panda Puzzle Maze which is made out of live bamboo; Indian Tee Pee Village and Virginia's longest Swinging Bridge. They have slides, forts, animals, face painting, karaoke and Candy Corn Hunts (on the weekends only).

Take your kids (or yourself!) if you want a quiet and relaxing day with no stress of large crowds and waiting in line. The kids will love running around and getting a feel for the fresh Virginia air! Find more info HERE.


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