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Leesburg Adopts New---More Relaxed---Sign Ordinance | Business

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Leesburg Adopts New---More Relaxed---Sign Ordinance
Leesburg Adopts New---More Relaxed---Sign Ordinance

Revised ordinance provides significant regulatory relief to Leesburg businesses.

From the Town of Leesburg – At their meeting on Tuesday, December 14, 2010, the Leesburg Town Council unanimously passed a revised sign ordinance.

Overall, the new sign ordinance is significantly less regulatory than the existing ordinance.  Major changes include:

  • Signs in the H-2 Corridor (North King Street, South King Street and East Market Street from the Historic District to the Town limits) no longer require approval from the Board of Architectural Review (BAR).   These signs will now be administratively reviewed and approved.
  • Balloons are now allowed.  Under the existing ordinance, all balloons were prohibited.
  • Roof signs are now allowed on compound roofs.  Under the existing ordinance, no roof signs were allowed. Roof signs on other roof types are still prohibited.  
  • “Open” flags are now exempt from regulation.  Flags with other commercial messages are now allowed, but count towards the two-sign per business limit.  Under the existing ordinance, any flag with a commercial message was prohibited.
  • Political signs may be larger and can be displayed for longer periods of time.
  • Special event signs can be displayed more often and for longer periods of time.
  • In the Historic District, “Open” Neon signs are now exempt from regulation.  Other Neon or internally-illuminated signs may be allowed in the Historic District with BAR approval.  Previously, no Neon signs were allowed in the Historic District. 
  • Outside the Historic District, Neon signs are now allowed with administrative review.  Under the existing ordinance, Neon signs outside the Historic District required BAR approval.
  • Signs displayed inside businesses more than three feet from the window are not regulated at all.  The existing ordinance regulated any sign inside a business that was visible from the street.

The ordinance revision process, which began in February 2010, involved a comprehensive review of existing sign regulations.  Throughout the sign regulation review process, the Town paid particular attention to the perspectives of the Town’s business community and residents, and actively sought input from business and community groups.  The goal of the revision process was to create a new ordinance that is usable, easy to understand and fair.  For example, illustrations of most sign types were added, along with illustrations showing how to measure sign height and area.  The new ordinance also takes into account changes in the sign industry resulting from new technologies.  A number of new sign types were added to the ordinance, including kiosks and electronic message boards.

The new sign regulations take effect immediately.  However, Town staff has planned a significant outreach effort to the business community to explain the new regulations and how the businesses will be affected by the changes.  This outreach effort will begin in early 2011.