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Introducing Loudoun County's First Distillery Since Prohibition | Business

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Introducing Loudoun County's First Distillery Since Prohibition
Introducing Loudoun County's First Distillery Since Prohibition


Starting July 1st you can pick up your bottles of whiskey and gin for this Fourth of July weekend at the family owned and operated Catoctin Creek Distillery. Scott and Becky Harris have run this mom and pop distillery since February 2009, but they have not been able to sell their bottles of alcohol at their distillery….until tomorrow.

“Starting tomorrow we can start to sell bottles here at the distillery. We had to change the law so that we could do that,” said Scott Harris.

Prior to Catoctin Creek, Becky was a chemical engineer, and Scott worked in government IT and computer science. Now the couple produces certified organic whiskey, gin, brandy and liqueurs from scratch by their own hands all the way from mashing to bottling.

They produce on average 2 (30 gallon) barrels a week, which ends up being about 20,000 bottles a year. Their liquor can be found in ABC Stores in Virginia, Maryland, D.C, Tennessee, Kentucky, and parts of California and Washington.

Out of 100 gallons that are put through the distillation process, 90 gallons are used for cattle feed and only 10 gallons are alcohol. To solve the waste disposal issue and to make sure none of the mash goes to landfill, a local farmer comes and picks it up to feed to his cows.

“I like to joke that I am really in the cattle feed business with a little bit of whiskey on the side,” said Scott.

To celebrate their lobbying efforts to change this law, Scott and Becky are hosting a party at the Catoctin Creek Distillery this Saturday and Sunday. The celebration will include live music, a book signing with an author who wrote about distillery, and lots of local sausages to grill.