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Sprout: Still Melting Hearts
Sprout: Still Melting Hearts

By Rosemarie Savio, WHS Volunteer

Each morning, just before my alarm is set to go off, I wake to the feeling of a little wet nose breathing on my arm.  As my eyes adjust, I see his sweet face anxiously waiting to be invited onto the bed.  I let him know it’s OK, and up he jumps to snuggle right in between us.  Before Sprout came along, I dreaded the morning alarm. Now, waking up to him snoozing beside me is one of my favorite moments of the day!

I joined PACK, the Washington Humane Society’s People & Animal Cardio Klub, last year because I love dogs and enjoy running. PACK sounded like the perfect way to volunteer, but my boyfriend, Kyle, immediately said “Oh great, this is going to end up with us getting a dog, isn’t it?” And so it happened. In October, I was paired up with Sprout.  He was such a sweet and gentle dog.  So I brought Kyle to the Georgia Ave adoption center to meet him. All it took was one of Sprout’s famous hugs and Kyle was on board.

When we adopted Sprout, he suffered from Demodex Mange, which we were happy to treat.  It took a couple of months, and some medicine he was none too pleased to take, but now he’s mange-free. We even had a DNA test done for him as there were so many breeds he could be; he came back part Australian Koolie and part Rat Terrier. The latter proved true when he effortlessly caught a rat behind our townhouse!

Sprout’s still my running companion but as we live in Mt. Pleasant, he also gets to enjoy many hikes in nearby Rock Creek Park.  So many activities we have always loved are now enjoyed with Sprout, and we’re so happy he’s with us.  But he’s also perfectly content cuddling on the couch and being lazy, too.  In every way, Sprout fits our lifestyles better than we could have ever imagined.  Like the Examiner article he was featured in suggested, Sprout has melted our hearts. And I like to think he loves us as well!

A big thank you to the Washington Humane Society for all the great work they do each and every day, and for running wonderful programs like PACK.